Welcome to 20 Alpha

So you finally made the plunge eh? Well about fucking time... 

Here's everything you'll need to know about using the product.

What's in The Starter Kit

Let's get the lay o' the land here...

1. The Canister

20 alpha hair fibre canister

The canister is the cylindrical black thing that contains the hair fibres. This is where you're going to store your hair fibres before they've made their miraculous journey to your scalp. 

The canister is pre-filled with the color you chose, so you don't need to worry about filling it up.

Within the canister you're going to see a pretty great grate (heh). The grate looks like this:

Open canister for hair fibre

The grate can be used to apply your hair fibres but it will let out a decent amount, so be careful.

Grate for 20 alpha hair fibre canister

You can pull off the grate and attach the pump if you want...

2. The Pump

Hair fibre pump

No, I'm not talking about the sick workout you just did BRO 💪 get your head out of your ass. I'm talking about the spherical, squishy thing that came in your box (insert "That's what she said" joke).

To assemble the pump just attach the parts you see. It's not fucking rocket science.

To attach the pump twist off the grate that comes attached. You might have to put your back into it if you're too weak. After it's pulled off screw on the pump tightly and give it a few pumps into a sink to ensure it's actually working.

And for fucks sakes don't forget to remove the rubber cap. Keep the rubber cap around though - it's helpful for traveling in case your set gets a squished.

3. Towel

Towel for 20 alpha

It's just a fucking towel man. You learned how to use that in kindergarten I hope....or maybe you learned from Towlie.

Use it to wipe off excess hair fibres after you apply them.

4. Travel-sized Hair Spray

It's a small feller. I don't recommend using it here unless you don't have any other hair spray. This travel-sized shit is expensive so you should save it for your next boys-only sleepover pajama party or whatever you do on your weekends.

FYI it might not be the Tresemme brand you saw in the videos. TBH it doesn't matter, but it'll be something comparable that we felt is good for you. It'll be a name brand so don't get your panties in a bunch.

5. Extra Refill Packs (If Purchased)

Extra refill packs for hair fibres

If you ordered extra refill packs you're going to see them here. You'll have to have requested them specifically so don't get all worried if you didn't order them and they're not in your box.

To refill just cut open the pack with your fingers and dump it into your canister. Easy peasy.


How to Apply Hair Fibres

How to apply hair fibres with 20 alpha

Using it is pretty easy:

1. Dry & Comb

Dry your hair and comb it into the style you want.

2. Apply Fibres

Apply the hair fibres evenly protecting your face with your hand so it doesn't get on your scalp or in your eyes. Apply about 5-7 inches (15-20cm) away from your head.

3. Pat, Style & Hair Spray

Pat down the hair fibres gently to let some spread to your scalp (so it doesn't just sit on top), then use a wide-tooth comb to style you hair. Apply hair spray all around and whatever other hair product you want to use.

Other Things To Know

Practice Makes Perfect

Look, it's going to take some practise TBH with you. If you apply too much, it will look dumb. My recommendation is that you apply less the first day and see how you feel.

Take it Slow; Don't Overdo It

Better to have a less-noticeable amount than too much and make it more noticeable. You don't want to walk into a room and have everyone thing you grew a fucking toupee overnight.

Wash it Out With Shampoo

Wash it out with your normal shampoo or body soap and water. I sleep it with it in every night and my pillow isn't too bad so you should be fine for that too.


Contact us if you have any questions. We're here to help.