About Us

We're a small team based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Canada flag that is dedicated to helping men increase confidence in their life by feeling better about their hair.

Our founder is Jay - here's his story:

Founder Story


Like many other guys my hair started really thinning when I hit 26. I went from a full head of hair to being able to see my scalp.

Newly single it was time for me to get back in the dating game but I felt incredibly self-conscious about my thinning hair. I wanted to try to bring it back.

So I decided to try out a hair transplant.

12 hours of hardcore pain later...

During my hair transplant

It wasn't pretty and it hurt like motherf****er. Not to mention it costed about 10 grand.

But it made a huge difference right? Nope.

The results were underwhelming

I was pretty surprised to learn that even after giving myself 4 months to recover from the surgery and recover the additional hair I lost due to "shock" from the painful injections, it still didn't make a huge difference.

Results after hair transplant

Don't get me wrong - it was helpful, but it didn't make enough of a difference that many people even noticed. My scalp was still clearly visible.

I needed to try something else...

Hair fibres to the rescue

I found out about hair fibres from a friend. I was incredible taken back with how effective it was.

The only problem was it was hard to find so I'd have to buy it quickly when it was available. Plus the material would run when it got wet.

That's when I decided to create Twenty Alpha: the same concept as the hair powder solutions, but with cotton fibres instead that don't run when they're wet and look far more natural.

After testing several products I was able to find the best source of hair fibres and that's what we use for Twenty Alpha.

 Holding 20 alpha hair fibres

It works really well for me and I use Twenty Alpha every single day, so I know it will work well for you!