How to Use Your Twenty Alpha Hair Fibres

1. Dry & comb hair.

Dry and style your clean hair without adding any hair sprays, gels or other products.

Dry your hair before applying hair fibresAfter drying, style it how you'd normally do

2. Apply hair fibres.

Spray Twenty Alpha hair fibres onto the thinning area of your hair. Hold the canister about 8-10” away from your head for an even application.

Apply the Twenty Alpha hair fibresWash off any excess fibres on your scalp

3. Style it up.

Add hair spray for extra styling and product hold.

Add some hair spray to keep hair fibres in placeTouch up your style

4. Rock on.

Head into your day looking f****** great

Look awesome with your beautiful Twenty Alpha hair

Ready to wash it out?

Twenty Alpha easily washes out with shampoo. You can use any shampoo.