How it works

Twenty Alpha micro hair fibres are made from keratin protein — yepp, the same protein found in your hair and skin — and have a natural static charge that will bind to your hair and scalp. The result? The appearance of a thick, full head of hair.

Weather proof. Sweat proof. Stain proof.

Because Twenty Alpha is using a naturally binding fibre, it will stay in place until you wash it out. Run, swim or get your sweat on just as you normally do. Twenty Alpha has your back to making you look as fresh as possible.

Oh, and white shirts or linens? No problem there either.

Plant-based Ingredients
Twenty Alpha strongly stands by our high-quality hair fibres derived from plant-based ingredients. Other brands out there are using synthetic ingredients like rayon in their hair fibres. These products won’t stand up against water or sweat and worst of all it’s putting a garbage ingredient on a part of your skin that’s very porous.