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I’m okay with looking like a little bitch.

WTF Is It?

Hair fibers that you put in your hair to make it look thicker/fuller - 100% natural and totally unnoticable.
Before and after hair fiber usage photo with 20 alpha - 1 Before and after hair fiber usage photo with 20 alpha - 2 Before and after hair fiber usage photo with 20 alpha - 3

How It Works

1Spray it on.
Spray hair fibers on
First you spray the kerotin hair fibers onto your hair. It'll come out in puffs of smoke.
2Add hair spray.
Once you’ve got it looking the way you want, you spray on some hair spray to keep it all in place.
3Look & feel great.
The last step is to get fucking stoked about having great-looking hair again. This part is important.

Is This Going To Fuck Me Up?

Short Answer: Hello No!
100% Safe

Shit man, you think we'd let you out unnatural chemical sludge on your head and risk you becoming some ugly, hairless turtle mutant? That’d be a fucking stupid business strategy for us. We love your hair. This stuff is basically just natural cotton and Keratin, plus some coloring.

Washes Out With Soap

You stinky motherfucker need to wash your ass SOME day don't you? Well when you finally get around to it, then you can use some shampoo, body wash or your ex girlfriends' left over Peruvian hair cleansing mask oil crap - whatever. It’ll wash out with all that other dirt in your hair.

Won't Run When Wet

Rain? Pool? Beach? Swimming in pussy? You're all good. This stuff won't run if it gets wet so nobody will notice. Obviously don't dunk your head under water or drown in pussy, but if it rains on your sorry ass then this stuff will remain intact and looking great..

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Jesus Christ, it's just fucking $9..

Stop being a cheap asshole and just try it! It's going to be great.

And if it isn't.we'll give you your damn money back if you want it back, OK?