What Are Hair Thickening Fibers?

And Are They All The Same?

You will find a flood of hair fillers and hair thickening fibers in the market as they are one of the best ways to conceal the bald spots and thinning hair. But the question is, are all hair thickening fibers the same and equal? To answer this question, we conducted a survey where we could find the most genuine feedback – customers! We aimed to find the best combinations of the three main ingredients of a good hair thickener. The three ingredients are Clumping, Texture, and Color Separation of hair fibers and here is what we found in our survey.

Keratin is used to manufacture the premium quality hair fibers followed by plant fibers and synthetic fiber products. The difference among these fibers lies in the depths of their building parts. Keratin has higher static charge ability which means that these fibers will stick to your hair with more strength and give you a more natural look with almost zero possibility of fibers falling out when you don’t want them to. On the other hand, you get an unnatural and bulky look with the plant fibers or synthetic ones because of less static charge present in their manufacturing elements.

Color Separation

All the customers we met during the survey were super concerned about the fibers being rainproof and sweat proof. They did not want to be in the spotlight of shame for having their hair dye dissolve due to sweat or rain and run down their neck or face. A good quality fiber should withstand this test so we selected 2 leading brands of hair thickening fibers from the market and compared their performance with 20 Alpha. We took the products and sprinkled them over water in a cup at room temperature. Here are the results which are pretty interesting.

Leading Hair Fiber #1

The first brand lost its grip to float within 5 seconds and changed the water’s color by dropping down. Within 20 seconds, the entire cup had changed its color and the fibers had lost theirs.

Leading Hair Fiber #2

This brand lost its reputation in the eyes of the customers as the fibers sank and lost their color almost instantly after touching the water surface.

20 Alpha

After watching the 2 leading brands fail the test, many people were skeptical about 20 Alpha. When 20 Alpha was sprinkled over the water, not only did the fibers float, but the color of the fiber was also intact even after 48 hours!





When it comes to the texture of fibers, a good fiber is considered to have a light and thin texture with strong color bonds. It should have a natural appearance even with sparse hair.

Leading Hair Fiber #1

This brand turned ended up leaving a powdery texture even after claiming to be Keratin. After having an up-close look, the hair looked very unnatural and the fibers were heavy so they were not staying in the hair for long.

Leading Hair Fiber #2

This product claimed to be made from plant waste and also lacked the natural look offered by actual keratin consisting hair thickening fibers like 20 Alpha (Canada made). However, the fibers seemed artificial and coarse – this was when they were not even applied. Many customers were not comfortable with the feeling of the fibers and also they were reluctant to touch their hair after applying the fibers.

20 Alpha

When customers used 20 Alpha, they reviewed the fibers to be better than the other products at 30% at least. With 20 Alpha, Canada has made a breakthrough in hair thickening fibers as the Keratin used in making them is 100% natural and has the highest static charge than any other hair thickening fiber in the market.

20 Alpha hair fibres texture 


Clumping near the hairlines is a tricky area to be dealt with by the hair fibers. The reason is that in these areas, the scalp has more exposure near the hairlines and is not covered by too much hair. If the fibers clump near the hairline, or anywhere, they will fall and patches will be visible which is unwanted by the customers.

Leading Hair Fiber #1

This brand was not that bad at first but customers did complain that on closer inspection, the clumps were visible in the hair. Not only the fibers were differentiable from the hair, but there was also a reddish hue in the brown fibers which was not in color combination with the hair and gave a totally unnatural look.

Leading Hair Fiber #2

This brand cleared the color matching hurdle but failed to satisfy the customers when they started to complain about itchiness on their scalp. Also, bulky feelings were reported by many customers and the fibers felt like powder more than hair.

20 Alpha

Both the issues faced by the leading brands of hair thickening fibers were easily avoided by 20 Alpha. Canada has manufactured the perfect hair thickening fiber brand with spotless hair thinning lines near the hairline. Amazingly, the fibers are totally undetectable even if inspected up close as they immediately and completely blend with the surrounding hair.

Our survey clearly pointed towards the fact that with 20 Alpha. Canada has provided an amazing cosmetic and instant solution to hair loss and decreased hair volume. After going through the experiments, it was clear that not all the hair thickening fibers are made equally and they cannot be as perfect as 20 Alpha when it comes to avoiding clumpiness, perfect texture, and fighting sweat, rain, and water – which to be honest is one of the most important factors.

Causes Of Hair Loss

People around the world are fighting hair loss and struggling to find a long-term and quick solution for this problem. However, if we knew what causes this problem and how to avoid it, it would be much easier to avoid hair loss. Here is a breakthrough discovery from the United Kingdom about hair loss.

The American Hair Loss Association claims that about 85% of men face hair loss problems when they reach the age of 50. The association also believes that almost 66% of American men face this problem in some form at or before reaching 35 years of age. Till now, it is not determined what triggers hair loss, however, U.K scientists at the University of Edinburgh come forth with a study in 2017 that might assist in understanding hair loss. 287 different genetic regions are identified in the study and can be related to the structure and development of hair, linking back to baldness and hair loss.

About 52,000 men were examined by the researchers for their health and genomic data making it the largest study ever conducted on hair loss. The analysis proposed that the X chromosome provided many of the variations in genetics. This chromosome is transferred to men from their mothers meaning that the sex hormones in men may be responsible for the increased risk of hair loss via high interactions with proteins in hair. This study takes a step further in providing a different perspective to consider as the previous studies were limited to hair structures and development patterns of hair like thickness and growth. With this study, the risk assessment for male baldness can be improved and potential findings can be expected.

With the research and development pacing towards a probable solution, if you are waiting for a quick solution, 20 Alpha can be your best possible choice at the moment. With its electro-static quality, the hair thickening fibers can stick to your hair permanently and will not fall unless you take a swim or use shampoo. It frees you from decreased hair volume and gives you a hundred percent natural look.

The special quality of these fibers is that they can build around your existing hair and create a bond with your scalp producing increased volume and density for hair to cover more area. The human scalp most of the time has tiny invisible hair which can act as the base for 20 Alpha as it needs existing hair to start building itself around. Keratin protein is responsible for your natural hair’s growth and the same protein is used to manufacture the fibers present in 20 Alpha. Canada is continuously progressing in developing such products and 20 Alpha is one of its iconic products.

While we all wait for a permanent solution for hair loss, we can use 20 Alpha and enjoy a confident lifestyle with our friends and peers.